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In-n-Out Chicken

In-n-Out Chicken is a halal takeaway located at 112 London Road, Leicester. It serves southern fried chicken, burgers and biryani.

Bella Takeaway

Bella Takeaway is a Chinese takeaway, which sells pizza, burgers and chicken in addition to Chinese food. Located at 109 London Road, It is a family business and opened in 2002.

The Marquis Wellington, positive multiculturalism1

"It is very varied. It’s weird, coming from Southampton and Portsmouth, we’re down by the sea. When I first came here I was like ‘Oh! There’s loads of different people here, this is crazy!’ And yeah, I think it’s good. Life get’s a bit…

The Marquis Wellington, negative multiculturalism1

"FF: So for you, what does it mean to be British?
AP: I live here, I think, I suppose. Just I live here and I was born here. So I suppose that…I don’t know, it doesn’t mean that much to me really. But it’s just something that I am. I…

The Marquis Wellington, negative multiculturalism

"FF: How would you describe your ethnicity or nationality?
AP: I always get it wrong because I don’t know what’s right to say.
FF: Whatever you want to say.
AP: Because I’d say ‘British’ but you know when you get it on forms and…

The Marquis Wellington, positive multiculturalism

"I think that’s what British is, isn’t it? It’s just, it is a fusion. It just pretty much defines our culture."

The Marquis Wellington, food and identity

"AP: Pub food. Like classic British pub food.
FF: So would you definitely say it’s connected to British culture more than anything else?
AP: We do have a tagine which is like Moroccan. We have barbecue chicken wings, which is American…

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