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This exhibition is the result of a group project undertaken by three MA students at the University of Leicester.

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Food and identity

Sichuang Brothers Restaurant, Multicultural Food 1.png

Food is strongly tied to identity. What we eat relates to our cultural heritage, where we live and the traditions that our family have passed down to us. Different cultures are often identified by the food within them. What country springs to mind when you hear pizza, fish and chips, curry or jerk chicken?

Compared to learning a new language, visiting a different country or learning about various traditions, food is an easy, cheap and accessible way to experience other cultures. Leicester is known for its diverse population and the multicultural restaurant scene that goes with it.

During our research, we discovered that it is rare to find a monocultural restaurant on Leicester’s London Road. Most of the restaurants in our sample serve dishes from different countries and cultures. In some cases, a restaurant’s multicultural nature was evidenced by different cuisines being served alongside each other. In others, dishes were more intercultural, combining ingredients and cooking styles from different cultures.

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Whilst multiculturalism can be described by words such as coexistence, interculturalism refers to shared cultural experiences and understanding. Should interculturalism be successful in Leicester, it would lead to the creation of a new, mixed British culture.

Negative aspects of multiculturalism


Not everybody is happy about multiculturalism. Some of our research participants argued that new arrivals are taking British jobs and changing the nation’s culture. Not all migrants have the same experiences and some believe that more recent arrivals are less willing to integrate, leading to increased racial and religious intolerance. 

Positive aspects of multiculturalism


Many people see multiculturalism as a positive aspect of life in Leicester. They say that contact with other cultures helps you to broaden your worldview and creates a sense of openness. Festivals are often cited as the prime example of a multicultural event, as they bring together different communities and enrich British cultural life. Some people also see multiculturalism as financially beneficial to Leicester, with migrants either bringing wealth via universities or working in occupations unpopular with native Brits.