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Plaza Fish Bar, history of London Road

A clip of Selcur Macit, manager of Plaza Fish Bar.

"When we got this business, my family, it was a very good location. Still, still it is. There was 2 pubs here. It was very busy. We open until late. It’s close to the town, close to…

Bella Takeaway, history of London Road

A clip of Farid Rezapaur, manager of Bella Takeaway.

"We used to sell Italian and Chinese food together but we stopped Italian food because there’s so many competitors on London Road now. So many pizza places are opening. So it…

Heavenly Desserts, History of London Road, Leicester

A clip of Haroon Aslam, manager of Heavenly DessertsTranscript:"I would say the majority of them are Asian. Possibly, possibly, because we are kind of in the Asian area because we have Evington Road around the corner from us and that is sort of,…

In-n-Out Chicken, History of London Road, Leicester

A clip of Mohammad Aslam, manager of In-n-Out ChickenTranscript:MA: "Mainly first because of the students and the colleges around here." FF: "Would you say this road is more multicultural than others?" MA: "Definitely, yes." FF: "Do you think that’s…

More, History of London Road, Leicester

A clip of Leela Keshavji, manager of MoreTranscript:LK:"It was seen as one of the des-res [desirable residence] places in town and also it’s got easy accessibility from the city centre. There’s a lot of footfall, there are lots of offices around,…

Mystic Mangal, History of London Road, Leicester

A clip of Belalur Rahim, owner of Mystic MangalTranscript:"I heard that London Road’s quite busy, the university’s near and everything so I thought maybe it’s more multicultural people. And you’ve got loads of students and normal customers as well so…

Nila Palace, History of London Road, Leicester

A clip of Maruf Miah, owner of Nila PalaceTranscript:"At one time I used to do very very well. About fifteen years ago, ten to fifteen years ago this was the restaurant of the London Road. But now there’s so many competition, recession. More than…

London Road Shops, Leicester

The School of Embroidery ' J Coupland' and 'C. H. Knight' bootmaker / chiropodist

Midland Railway London Road Station, Leicester

British Railways - S. W. A. Newton Collection