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Word cloud of customers' views for Nila Palace

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Nila Palace, Food and Identity

A clip of Maruf Miah, owner of Nila PalaceTranscript:"Bangladeshi taste is the taste Britain’s people love." "Bangladeshi food is like everyday food because British people eat curry very regularly. If they go to an Italian they may go monthly to eat…

Nila Palace, Positive aspects of multiculturalism

A clip of Maruf Miah, owner of Nila PalaceTranscript:"Well we are Bangladeshi you see but we’re living in Britain. So the majority of people who’ve been living here a long time are settled here and they don’t go to Bangladesh. If they do it’s every…

Nila Palace, History of London Road, Leicester

A clip of Maruf Miah, owner of Nila PalaceTranscript:"At one time I used to do very very well. About fifteen years ago, ten to fifteen years ago this was the restaurant of the London Road. But now there’s so many competition, recession. More than…

'Money on the menu'

Leicester Mercury article about the gala opening of Nila Palace, an Indian restaurant on London Road

Nila Palace: window

Curry Club membership stickers in the window of Nila Palace restaurant on London Road, Leicester

Nila Palace

Nila Palace is a Bangladeshi-Indian restaurant located at 61 London Road, Leicester. It iopened in 1989. It is a Member of British Curry Club and wasrecommended by Cobra Good Curry Guide in 1998 and Egon Ronay’s Guide in 1997.