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Bella Takeaway

Bella Takeaway is a Chinese takeaway, which sells pizza, burgers and chicken in addition to Chinese food. Located at 109 London Road, It is a family business and opened in 2002.

'Bengali food for thought'

Leicester Mercury article about The Dine Bangladeshi campaign, which aimed to improve the British public's perception of Bangladeshi people by highlighting their contributions to the food industry

'Curry craze just keeps growing'

Leicester Mercury article about the rapid rate at which Indian restaurants are opening

'Curry is dish of the day!'

Leicester Mercury article about British people being more likely to buy Indian food in the supermarket than traditional British food

'First curry conference comes to Leicester'

Leicester Mercury article about the world's first seminar on Indian cuisine being held in Leicester

'Money on the menu'

Leicester Mercury article about the gala opening of Nila Palace, an Indian restaurant on London Road

'Restaurant plan set for rejection'

Leicester Mercury article about planners rejecting a proposal to open a restaurant on London Road

'Tastes have changed in 30 years' / 'It's hot stuff!'

Two Leicester Mercury articles, one discussing how British people have become accustomed to South Asian food and another that is an "AZ guide to Indian food"

'Team's tasty sponsorship'

Leicester Mercury article about London Road Indian restaurant, Shireen, sponsoring the Leicester Ladies basketball team

'Tikka not turkey'

Leicester Mercury article about people eating at Akash Tandoori, a South Asian restaurant, on Christmas Day