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Sichuan Brothers Restaurant

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Sichuan Brothers Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located at 169A London Road, Leicester. It serves Chinese traditional food, hot pot and Cantonese food. Most of the restaurant's customers are Chinese, Japanese and Korean students. Sichuan Brothers…

Roosters Grill

Roosters Grill is family business, founded in 1998. Located at 111 London Road, Leicester it serves Malawian gazebo style chicken, grilled food and steak. The customer base is particularly diverse.

The Marquis Wellington

The Marquis Wellington is a pub located at 139 London Road, Leicester. One of the pubs in the Everards brewery chain, it serves cask ales along with classic British pub food. The pub is housed in an historic building, has a vintage decor and beach…

In-n-Out Chicken

In-n-Out Chicken is a halal takeaway located at 112 London Road, Leicester. It serves southern fried chicken, burgers and biryani.

Bella Takeaway

Bella Takeaway is a Chinese takeaway, which sells pizza, burgers and chicken in addition to Chinese food. Located at 109 London Road, It is a family business and opened in 2002.

Oggi Simply Italian

Oggi Simply Italian is a restaurant located at 161 London Road. It serves traditional Sicilian food The head chef, Danny, was awarded the title of Best Chef whilst working at Zum Toni in Kornwestheim, Germany.  

Mystic Mangal

Mystic Mangal is a  Turkish restaurant located at 146C London Road. It serves authentic Turkish barbecue dishes, steak, and Indo-Chinese cuisine.

Plaza Fish Bar

Plaza Fish Bar is a chip shop located at 142 London Road, Leicester. It serves traditional fish and chips, burgers, pies, southern fried chicken, doner kebabs and other fast food. It is a family business and opened in 2003.

Heavenly Desserts

Heavenly Desserts is a dessert parlour. The brand wass created in 2007 and the branch at 134 London Road was opened in 2013.


Madison is a dessert parlour and coffeehouse located at 128 London Road, Leicester. It is opened in 2011 and serves gelato, sandwiches, bagels, ciabattas, tea and coffee.