Tim Haq, negative aspects of multiculturalism

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Tim Haq, negative aspects of multiculturalism


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A clip of Tim Haq of Society for Intercultural Understanding Leicester being interviewed by Fayola Francis.

"FF: Why do you think we need interculturalism? How do you think it’s beneficial?
TH: A classic example now is what’s happening with terrorism. We’ve got disillusioned communities, at the moment it’s disillusioned Muslim youngsters, maybe. Because we’ve not created an environment within the UK if you like of something where they understand the values they have to live to, they tag onto what’s happening over there. So these Muslim youngsters are looking at stuff that’s happening in Syria and places like that and maybe finding a relationship and maybe finding a relationship with that. But it’s not just the Muslims. If you look at some of the deprived white communities in this city, in Braunstone and New Parks for example, there’s a lot of youngsters over there that are, again, disillusioned with what life’s giving them and they’re finding different outlets. They’ve maybe not got the attention like Syria has but, on a lower level, they’re going into easy things – drugs, crime, things like that. And that’s quite simply because, I think, from a micro level to a macro level, is that we’ve not created the environment where we can all sit down and say ‘Right, these are our values. Let’s work from there.’"


Fayola Francis


Interview recorded 12 March 2015


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