Madison's, negative aspects of multiculturalism1

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Madison's, negative aspects of multiculturalism1


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A clip of Salim Patel, manager of Madison's.

"Like I said, it’s been slightly more tense because of the Romanians coming in, especially at the moment because there are very little jobs. So if there’s very little jobs, why are people coming from abroad, if there’s not then many jobs. A typical person will think ‘Well the only reason you’re coming here is because it’s safer. You will not feel in danger if you get a chance to live here. There’s no danger here. Plus, your children will be looked after. You will have free schooling, free dental service. We have free hospitals to worry about. If, money-wise, you’re struggling, they’ll give you a house, a small flat or something. They’ll give you money.’ So really, whether you have a job or not, this is the safest country that anybody in the world could come to. There’s no other barriers here. Up until now. Now they say you have to speak English. But 4, 5 years ago if you were part of the Commonwealth, you were allowed to come into this country."


Fayola Francis


Interview recorded 12 March 2015


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