About: The curators

The curators

Left to right: Xiaofan He, Fayola Francis and Chunghui Wang. All three curators are students on the International Communication and Culture MA course at the University of Leicester.


Xiaofan He comes from China. She studied both English Translation and Creative Writing as an undergraduate. Xiaofan has an avid interest in understanding British culture. As an Art and Museums volunteer for Leicester City Council, she helps local museums with various events.



Fayola Francis is Jamaican British. She has a degree in Modern Languages and can speak French and Spanish fluently. Born and raised in Leicester, she has lived in 6 different cities across England, France and Spain. Fayola likes to bake and write articles in her spare time.



Chunghui Wang comes from Taiwan and, as well as being a native Chinese speaker, is fluent in English and German. Chunghui has 13 years' work experience in the field of booth design and international trade fairs in Germany and the USA. She is also an experienced solo traveler and has been to 23 countries.



About: The curators