Clips from research interviews


Soundbites taken from interviews with managers and owners of London Road eateries.



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A clip of Leela Keshavji, manager of MoreTranscript:LK: "I think Leicester epitomises multiculturalism and I think we try to mirror that in our restaurant."

A clip of Leela Keshavji, manager of MoreTranscript:FF: "Do you think people from different cultures mix?" LK: "I think you inevitably do because you’re working and you’re living in a city that is very multicultural. I think possibly, is it the most…

"It is very varied. It’s weird, coming from Southampton and Portsmouth, we’re down by the sea. When I first came here I was like ‘Oh! There’s loads of different people here, this is crazy!’ And yeah, I think it’s good. Life get’s a bit…
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