Restaurants on London Road


Restaurants and takeaways on London Road, Leicester


William Clemente

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Sichuan Brothers Restaurant
Sichuan Brothers Restaurant is a Chinese restaurant located at 169A London Road, Leicester. It serves Chinese traditional food, hot pot and Cantonese food. Most of the restaurant's customers are Chinese, Japanese and Korean students. Sichuan Brothers…

Roosters Grill
Roosters Grill is family business, founded in 1998. Located at 111 London Road, Leicester it serves Malawian gazebo style chicken, grilled food and steak. The customer base is particularly diverse.

The Marquis Wellington
The Marquis Wellington is a pub located at 139 London Road, Leicester. One of the pubs in the Everards brewery chain, it serves cask ales along with classic British pub food. The pub is housed in an historic building, has a vintage decor and beach…
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